Aqua Pastel Basic Art Course

“Aqua Pastel Basic Art Course” is the theme of basic skills of pastel art (how to paint and how to erase).

Aqua Pastel is made up with 2 main ideas, sparkling of water and transparency.
When I draw, I add in sparkling of water and transparency which are important ideas for painting aqua pastel.
The important point in these two expressions is how to paint and erase.

Because all the templates are prepared for all motifs already, you can concentrate on painting. To use the templates first. Next time, you can try your own templates.
Experienced pastel artists can also enjoy painting by making the combination of transparent painting method and different shapes of templates.

Those who have taken this course are those who want to touch the world of pastels and those who want to improve the expressive power of pastels.

It is recommended to such a person.

チェック who wants to draw transparent art
チェック who wants to draw art to decorate
チェック who wants to be able to get a clear color
チェック who is not good at erasing
チェック who can not think of a motif
チェック who wants to open trial lesson
チェック who wants to improve quality

Explanation of this course


What to do with this course

・ Description of this course
・ Motif 1: Circle and Bubble
・ Motif 2: Aqua Blue
・ Motif 3: Small Circle World



Beginner of pastel art or those who want to enjoy the sparkling and transparency of water.


Tool to prepare

Pastel art tool set


Payment method

* Please pay for the PayPal fee.


Cancellation policy

  1. After payment, cancellation fee up to 3 days before the event is 10% lesson fee + transfer fee is cancellation fee.
  2. The cancellation fee is 100% of the lesson fee on the day before the event and in case of cancellation on that day.
    (Please consult in advance when changing the schedule.)

Lesson fee

Web video lesson
        16,000 yen

  • Material fees, certification fees, and settlement fees are included in the lesson fee.
  • Shipping fee for teaching materials and certificate will be charged separately.
    The sending method is  International e-Packet. The shipping cost is 1,760 yen.


Flow to course taking

  1. Course application
  2.  After confirming your application, we will send you a PayPal invoice email.
  3.  After confirming payment, you will receive a video test URL.
  4.  I will send teaching materials by  International e-Packet.
    >> Click here for details on international e-packets. (Japan Post site)
  5.  I will take a lesson with videos. If you have any questions please leave a message.
  6. Assignments (3 motifs + 1 arrangement)
  7. Certificate of completion sent
    I will introduce the works you received on my blog.


What you can do after lesson

  • Use your own way which learned in pastel art to paint.
  • The art work can be given as a gift. You can also put the works in your own exhibitions or your house as decorations.
  • You can hold a workshop and teaching workshop version only.
  • Those who completed the course will be able to visit the Facebook group and blog of aqua pastel graduates, and be able to watch web videos online.
  • Intermediate Course and brush up lessons will be available.


Application (for overseas)

  • Currently, the video is in Japanese.
    Text (P16) · Follow messages are taught in English.
    I plan to add subtitles to videos in the future.
  • The materials will be sent by international mail (international e-packet). It will take 1-2 weeks.
  • If you understand the above points, I am waiting for your application and inquiry.


Student Work

My Work